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Story Consultant – Irene Graham – Private Story Consultancy
The Creative Writer's Workshop – Fiction and Memoir Writing

Story Consultant – Irene Graham

Seek guidance on your story before you write it. It will save you many drafts!

Irene Graham is available as a Private Story Consultant to a limited number of writers for the development of manuscripts in both fiction writing and memoir writing. Irene prefers to work with writers in the advanced stages of story development - i.e. - your story is nearly developed (or developed) and ready to write.

It is a very valuable exercise to seek guidance and feedback in the advanced stages of story development - before attempting to write an entire book - then getting stuck - not fully knowing your direction and hence ditching your work because your inner critic keeps telling you it is dreadful and you just can't write!

It is also common for writers as they develop their story to get stuck in detail, loose their way and feel they have entered a cul-de-sac where they can no longer "see" their story. Irene will guide you out of the cul-de-sac.

A Private Story Consultation may not only save you many rewrites, but will allow you to engage in the creative process on a deeper level as you write your novel, memoir or biography.

What to expect from a Private Story Consultation:

Irene provides feedback on your writing with regard to the art of story creation - focused on your personal story.

Following submission of your story outline, you will engage in one-to-one session/s with Irene, LIVE online, via the internet, to discuss your writing.

Feedback will include discussions on:

How to Apply:

Step 1: To register your interest to avail of your Private Story Consultant, first complete the Application Form 
Step 2:
Irene Graham will then correspond with you. 

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Private Story Consultant: Code S101

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