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Study Abroad in Ireland | The Creative Writer’s Workshop

Your teacher:
Irene Graham, Founder of The Creative Writer’s Workshop (1991) and The Memoir Writing Club. Irene is Author of The Memoir Writing Workbook.

May & June 2014
Sun 25 May to Mon 23 June

This program is open to all undergraduate and graduate students with a cumulative GPA of 2.25, including students who do not attend George Mason University. Non-students are welcome to apply.

6 semester Credits

Locations in Ireland
Galway City
Listowel Writer’s Festival, Kerry
Aran Islands, Galway
Markree Castle, Sligo


George Mason Faculty
Lisa Lister, Assistant Director of composition at George Mason, where she also teaches literature and creative writing classes.

Study Abroad in Ireland 2014 – Creative Writing Study Abroad Program George Mason University, Virginia, USA and The Creative Writer’s Workshop

George Mason University in conjunction with Irene Graham and The Creative Writer’s Workshop invites you to join our Faculty-led Creative Writing Study Abroad Program in Ireland in the summer of 2014.

The Creative Writer’s Workshop Summer Abroad Program guides you through simple and fun right-brain/left-brain exercises, which draw upon your imagination as you learn the principles of story and express your creativity through writing fiction, memoir and autobiographical fiction.

The workshop focuses upon characterization, point of view, theme, plot, setting and structure. Memoir writing and myth, how to identify with one’s personal myth, and how to translate this aspect of life experience into story will also be studied.  Upon completion, you will understand how characters are created, how to develop them, and learn techniques to imaginatively incorporate your characters into the structure of story.

You will also concentrate upon theme within story and learn how to weave and integrate life experiences into autobiographical fiction. Throughout the workshop, participants are welcome to develop a concept they have previously worked on, or use the workshop to access new writing concepts.


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