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Testimonials – The Creative Writer's Workshop
Irene Graham – Fiction Writing | Memoir Writing | Work-in-Progress

Testimonials Fiction Writing with Irene Graham The Creative Writer's Workshop

I absolutely enjoyed The Creative Writer’s Workshop. The atmosphere, the people and especially Irene were amazing. I’ve gained an understanding and respect for the process of story telling. I can say now, that I am indeed a story teller, a writer! I’ve been given the tools to accomplish my goal and dream of writing a book. Erin Pinson, USA

Wonderful workshop. I learned about story structure and the necessary components – character development and the different insights and approaches to their development. Martin McDonagh, West of Ireland

These four days have been one of the most enjoyable times of my life. The venue was fantastic, the group talented and diverse. I loved the course and the structure. It has given me a great boost in my writing confidence. I benefited in feeling I perhaps could write something that others might like to read – Irene is a multi-talented facilitator!  Liz Burch, Australia

Irene’s workshop was really creative.  Coming here it was hard to imagine that someone could have techniques to stimulate something as ethereal as creativity, but Irene has honed her set of learning tools so well that she can bring forth ideas from the deepest recesses of the right side of your brain and show you how to get them onto the page. She is professional but very accessible. The course is well worth the investment. Bairbre Higgins, Ireland

The exercises in the workshop were extremely beneficial in stimulating the creative process.  The Creative Writer’s Workshop has helped me immensely. John Mee, USA

I found The Creative Writer’s Workshop really really creative. Being stuck for me was all about distractions, but what I learned here was that I had no structure to my story, no theme and no real setting. I found my voice, my own voice and a connection to my ‘story’ that I had become disconnected from. Thank you. Gabriele Armstrong, Canada

Outstanding workshop. Definitely worthwhile. Irene was helpful, gave each participant personalized feedback on their writing. I would recommend this workshop without hesitation. Jan Gault, USA

The Creative Writer’s Workshop was very creative. The way in which each piece was respected was important. This workshop taught me the craft of writing.  Betty Cody, Ireland

This workshop was really creative. The community Irene creates among the participants is valuable in itself; the horizontal interactions are supportive and inspiring. Irene has a skill that can’t be captured in words.  John Dakin, USA

The Creative Writer’s Workshop surpassed my expectations. It was exactly what I needed to tap into my creative powers from the right side of the brain. I feel I can take what I’ve learned at this workshop and combine them with the inspiration and creativity I’ve discovered to explore my writing. Thank you for reminding me how much fun and excitement there is in writing!  Niamh Bohane, Ireland

Testimonials – Memoir Writing with Irene Graham

I would recommend Irene's memoir workshop to anyone. I now have a much clearer understanding of memoir writing and writing in general. The workshop showed me how to structure a story around a theme and helped me to focus upon what I would like to write about. I also learned a lot from other participants. Lorainne McMorrow, Ireland 

Irene has developed a great method for triggering memories, expanding on them and bringing them together in a cohesive manner. Berni Anslow-Casey, Ireland 

Irene's inspired instruction will unlock the creative voice of even the most inexperienced writer. Martha Rochelle, USA 

Throughout the course of my working life I have attended many training seminars and workshops. Irene is the best facilitator with whom I've had the privilege of working. Her memoir writing workshop enables the learner to open closets long closed and locked – and to look at those experiences from an adult perspective.  JoAnn Parker, USA 

Irene's workshop definitely helped me. I learned how to trigger memories and it gave me the confidence to carry on and complete my memoir. Michael Mannion, Ireland 

The memoir writing workshop with Irene was a life-changing event. I have always wanted to write, but have never felt truly capable – until I did this workshop. Irene's teaching has released in me the ability to write more freely and to actually complete projects – making the possibility of getting published a more tangible reality. Cindy J. Blanchard, USA 

I feel more confident about approaching memoir writing – or any form of writing –having completed this workshop with Irene. Pat Looney, Ireland 

From attending Irene's workshop, I was able to express feelings that I knew were inside but didn't know how to get out. Irene prompted by explanation, nudging, practical guidance, and by setting an environment for creativity to flow. Life-giving experience!  Glynn Lassiter, USA

To actually write anything was a big step forward for me. Also listening to others work was very rewarding and an eye-opener. Knowing the elements of memoir writing gives me the confidence to move forward. The sensory exercises gave me lot of food for thought. Eddie O'Neill, Ireland 

The benefits of Irene's workshop were on many levels. The structure of writing memoir was put to the group in a way that encouraged and enhanced creativity.  Pam Foreman, Australia 

Irene's workshop helped me recall events from the past in a non-threatening and creative way. The workshop allows the writer to access long-forgotten memories in increasing detail, with each exercise building on the next. It manages to make what can be a daunting and often emotional task into a contained and enjoyable experience. I highly recommend it as a tool for creative exploration and personal growth.  Eileen Keane, Ireland  

Irene is a personality and a stimulating companion in the writing process. Her methods make the hardest part of writing – getting started – much easier. Her encouragement to rely on the senses rather than on memory, which can be such a tangle of thought and emotion, works!  Robin Ligon, USA 

I was very happy with Irene's presentation in the workshop. It is my first time to do a writing workshop and I feel I'm now able to write my memoir. PJ McAuliffe, Ireland 

Irene's innovative method for writing a memoir is not only effortless, but fun. I particularly liked the way she was able to get novice writers to organise their memories.  Betty Groepper, USA 

The Time Line was a great guide in starting my memoir. Irene made it simple. The workshop helped me to develop small things that seemed meaningless before. Elizabeth Clancy, Ireland 

The tools I learned in Irene's workshop will help me to write the memoir I want to leave for my children. I had no idea how to record the life stories that my children and grandchildren want to hear. Now I feel confident I can write my memoir for them.  Margie Ball Merchant, USA 

I found the workshop experience focused and goal oriented. I now write with more confidence and enthusiasm using the methods taught during the memoir workshop.  Gayle Martin, USA 

From the moment we started the workshop, it helped me in so many ways. I feel I can now express in an orderly fashion, my own particular theme of life. James Hyland, Ireland 

The workshop has certainly whetted my appetite. I'm looking forward to writing my memoir now. It gave me confidence and I found humour in my writing voice. Dympna Hyland, Ireland 

I found it fascinating to do the workshop a second time! The second time I found it even easier to recall memories – different ones. I now have a serious idea of exactly what I want to write about. Irene's workshop has made the prospect of writing my memoir possible.  Linda Parker, USA 

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