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The Memoir Writing Workbook by Irene Graham
Founder of The Creative Writer's Workshop

Author Irene Graham - Founder of The Creative Writer's Workshop (1991)

bookMany people think that Memoir Writing is just for people that are several decades old and want to leave memoirs to family and friends, or have a significant life story published ...this is not so!

Memoir writing also provides writers with a bedrock of life experiences that can be used as base material to write fiction. It can be practiced by anyone, at any age. Memoir Writing is a fun and creative way to get in touch with life memories, as you tap into your inherent creativity and enhance your ability to write from the heart.

In 2009 Irene Graham created The Memoir Writing Workbook (236 pages) which is based on her writing techniques. The 36 (multi-part) right-brain/left-brain writing techniques and exercises show the writer how to unlock creativity as they recall life experiences. This workbook is a stimulating journey from memory to memoir. It provides the participant with a personal guide to writing life story in a simple and fun step-by-step process.

The Memoir Writing Workbook is used by writers:
The Memoir Writing Workbook is used as course material in Irene's Memoir Writing Courses and Workshops.

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