Creative Writing for Business

Creative Writing

Creative Writing for Business
Business Writing Course
Writing Coach & Author Irene Graham

Inherent within all of us lies creativity, sometimes dormant, and sometimes lost due to the demands of business.

Creative language enhances effective communication with an audience. To gain global product attention in an ever changing world of marketing, creative language is often a difficult medium to tap into.

However, awareness and understanding of how to generate and form language, from a creative point of view, is possible.

Creativity in language can be learned. Inspiration to develop writing voice can be ignited. Understanding of our creative sources can be invigorated.


How We Can Help

For 27 years, Irene Graham has successfully shown writers from all walks of life, how to find their writing voice, deepen language and shape the content of their writing projects.

Using right-brain/left-brain learning techniques our aim is to help you deepen connection to language that works specifically for your audience.

Tailored to corporate requirements, and aimed at all levels of personnel, we offer Business Writing Courses to help deepen creativity, language and access to the written word.

*Group In-house or Off-Site Courses
*Private Individual Courses


Transform Your Business Writing Skills

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