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Creative Writing Spelling Tip

Creative Writing Spelling Tip

Of course spelling is important, vitally important! BUT… spelling and editing are primarily a left-brain function, which is not a factor of creative writing. So when you are writing your story, and if you keep stopping to correct your spelling… you are effectively inhibiting your creative flow.

Therefore, keep writing, DO NOT correct your spelling as you write. Because when writing creatively, you are primarily using your right-brain. Stay in your right brain and keep your creativity flowing. This is an element of creative writing.

So forget about spelling as you write. Switch off those annoying red underline reminders, and just keep writing. Write creatively.

At the end of the day, when you complete your work and have completed your creative writing, then go back and edit your work.  And correct all those spelling errors.

Happy Creative Writing!

Sin a bhfuil anois. (that’s it for now)

Irene G.

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