Kill Your Inner Critic

Kill Your Inner Critic

Our inner critic is a drag. That tap on the shoulder that drags you down. The ‘I can’t do this’ noise inside your head. It robs you of your creativity. It freezes creative thinking. It blocks happiness! And we all experience it, at some point or another in our lives. It’s time to get rid of it. It’s time to overcome that noise inside your head. It’s time to Kill Your Inner Critic…and go forwards not feeling that tap on your shoulder. Here’s how…

So do you really want to Kill Your Inner Critic? Would you like to be rid of it so you can go forwards and create?

Try this Exercise to Kill Your Inner Critic

Next time you sit down to create – a piece of writing, a poem, music…or whatever it is, first….draw what your critic looks like. Get a sheet of blank paper, and chalk or crayons. Don’t use a pen or pencil – that is far too precise.

Go wild, draw your inner critic, use colour, big shapes, small shapes, whatever represents your inner critic to you….at this point in time. Then burn it! Burn the sheet of paper. Get rid of that critic.

Now go create! With a smile.

Sin a bhfuil anois. (that’s it for now)

Irene G.

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